Voicent auto dialer – a product that can benefit your business

voicent auto dialer

The Voicent auto dialer is a program that will automatically call people who have given you their phone number. Voicent is an innovative dialer service from International Call Center Services (ICCS), which makes it easy for busy people to deal with the busy work of life. This program will allow people to dial more than one number at a time. For instance, if you called an electric company and left a message, the program will dial the three numbers of that company – three auto dial numbers.

One important thing to remember about this system is that there are many types of these auto dialers available for you to purchase and use. There are the traditional type that is used by most major companies. It has pre-recorded audio messages that are played when the user presses the relevant buttons. Most of these have been programmed so that they respond to specific commands such as speak again, talk quieter, etc. Some will even go silent when no other calls are being made. Some have the ability to play voice greetings for your caller such as "Good Morning" or "Good afternoon".

These dialer programs were designed so that the busy people can receive a professionally done phone call without having to wait for long periods before someone answers the phone. This saves them a lot of time. Most have also been programmed so that they respond to certain keywords that prompt them to call back an auto attendant. These may be something like "transfer you to your supervisor" or some other similar command. Once the person hangs up on you, a message will be sent to them reminding them to return to the call center in a short while.

It is also possible to integrate this program into your voice mail program. This way, all your calls are automatically routed to this program where you can then give any individual callers personalized messages. You can also put the program on hold during times when no one wants to take the call and you can manually retrieve it later on.

The program is easy enough to use that even small children can operate it. It uses specially configured buttons and keypads on most personal computers. This also allows you to customize the visual appearance of the dialog to better suit your particular business. It comes with a variety of useful features such as multiple ring options, speed dialing and even the ability to set a maximum call length. All these features make it easier for you to serve your customers more efficiently.

Voicent is especially ideal for call centers since it helps save a lot of time and money. It is much more cost effective than actually hiring a number of employees to take the call. Plus, since you only get to use the program at one time for one call, the training process is significantly less as well. Also, the call center employees’ efficiency is improved as well because there is no need for them to sit and listen to boring audio any longer. With Voicent, there is no more need to worry about missing a single important call.


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